Working Better as a Team by all Working Remotely?

Do you want to work on top of a mountain, on a white sand beach or in the Starbucks in the corner of your street?

Well with today digital era you could, and more and more people are doing it? Whoever you are in the company from the entry level Employee to the CEO anyone can do it.

See those companies who made Remote Work their leitmotiv :  the company who ows WordPress has so many people working remotely that they have shut down their bigger office in San Francisco. Imagine at the end only 5 employees were showing up in a 30,000 square warehouse office!

So is it the end of office work ? Of course not but your company should seriously think about Remote work and we are going to see why :

What if your team could work together by being all working remotely in different places ?


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Why should you offer the possibility to your employees to work from where they want ?

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Employee happiness


We all know the pain it is to reach our office every morning, either that you go by public transportation or by being stucked in traffic with your car. Studies shows that we spend more than 1hour in average in our way to commute to work. This is time lost and productivity consuming because you just arrive at work tired.

If your job is prospecting, selling through internet and having demo with client online, or you are a marketing specialist doing content writing, video making, or doing social media campaigns.. all you need really is to access to a wifi point. So it can be at the general office or anywhere else.

But the things is there are hesitations from employers. They tend to think that remote workers are less productive than their permanently office coworkers. But the truth is actually different: A recent experiment by Stanford professor Nicholas Bloom, found that home workers produced 13 percent more, while working 9.5 percent more hours.

Two factors can explain why. First one, employees can choose an environment and make their own schedule that fits their personal working style and energy levels. Secondly the factor of focus. Home can be a pretty distracting place i agree with the temptation of TV, or going out. But these are internal distractions that a disciplined remote worker can control. And they are far less disruptive than distractions of the workplace; such as interruptions from colleagues, office noise and last unnecessary meetings.

So working from the pace should increase considerably your satisfaction and change the way you work to be at best.

So what if you could work from home, from the coffee around the street or in a coworking space minutes walking from home?

Ok cool, now you decided that you can work remotely, but yet you need some guidance.


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Keep Giving Objectives


While working remotely can be seen as an attractive option, it will not suit everyone. A remote worker needs to be able to work on it’s own with little supervision.

You will need to be self-disciplined, self-motivated and be confident working without supervision and be able to separate work from home life.

Managers may find managing remote workers more difficult than managing office-based people. What they should do from day 1:

  • Building trust between manager and remote worker
  • Agreeing how work performance will be supervised and measure it
  • Communicating effectively
  • Training so both staff who work remotely and their managers can do their roles effectively

Performance management for remote workers should be consistent and regular face-to-face reviews should be made. Let’s day once per week.

It is also important to maintain communication with remote workers. This can be done through email, phone or video conferencing, and of course as previously said with regular face-to-face meetings.

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To help you work remotely, there is a bunch of tools now available that allow you to work well and organized.

Google Drive with Google Docs where you can store all your work and give persmission to restricted people. You also can collaborate on work with Google doc and be many people in one online documents and leave comments.

Slack for team communication : When your team needs to kick off a project, hire a new employee, deploy some code, review a sales contract, finalize next year’s budget, measure an A/B test, plan your next office opening, and more

Trello is good for project management.

Whatsapp can also be used for team communication by creating a group. It also make phone and video calls. They also have a web based version, so you do not need to be on your phone and have everything on your desktop.

Workplace by Facebook is an alternative to Slack where you can create different group conversations, exchange ideas, chat have internal live videos… you can pretty much do everything with it actually with the look of tool that you already now : facebook. is a video conferencing software that is cloud based, we found it few time ago and we are using it now everyday. Much reliable than Skype. It is perfect to make online demo with its share my screen features as well as organizing team meetings.

We also developed our platform Spitche with the idea in mind to be able to centralize the communication of all team members around the General Brand. One admin can create and schedule post on social media for the brand, and this content can be shared simulteanously on employees social media (for example Linkedin) in order to give more visibility to the brand, and employees can show better expertise in their industry.
And you which tools do you use on your daily basis?

The final aim is keeping the company growth at his top and having happy employees is the best way to get it. For example at Spitche we have half of the team based in Paris and the other half based in Barcelona. It allow us to considerably extend our network and get more customers than if we were all in the same office. So think about it, it could open doors for your business.

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