It’s official: presenting the all new Spitche brand ambassador engagement platform

It’s finally time to take a look at the future of social media and experience the power of ambassador marketing. Spitche version 2 is here and it can send your organic engagement sky high!


Our B2B service is designed for savvy brand marketers who understand the importance of powerful organic marketing campaigns on Facebook.


We help you turn your fans, clients and partners into brand ambassadors that engage with your content, like and share your posts and – most importantly – connect you with their networks.


How does it work?

Organic recommendations have always been a tough nut to crack, but Spitche makes it easy and fun. By gamifying engagement and offering rewards to your top ambassadors, you encourage brand loyalty, reinforce your positive brand image and create sustainable organic social media growth.


And the result? Increased sales and a bottom line you can be proud of. Up to 92% of people ask for recommendations from friends and family when looking to make a purchase.


When you think that there 2.2 billion monthly active users on the platform, your potential for growth is almost limitless.


Spitche in action


  • Our clients have seen up to a tenfold  increase in organic engagement on their Facebook posts boosted by their Spitche brand ambassadors.


  • 15% of invitees to Spitche became active ambassadors during the first campaign, helping companies tap into their most engaged audiences.


  • Companies using Spitche have also doubled their lead generation thanks to help from their ambassadors using the platform.


Want to know more? Our video will run you through the process:



Let’s get into some details

Each Spitche ambassador campaign is linked to a Facebook Page. Our platform tracks likes, comments, shares by your ambassadors and their friends. For every engagement your ambassadors make, they win points. Of course, you decide how many points each action deserves.


You also have total control over the number and type of rewards you want to offer your top ambassadors and also how many ambassadors will get them.


At the end of each campaign, you will see which ambassadors have engaged with your brand the most. You can then reward our top ambassadors for their hard work and loyalty!


Companies using Spitche can also define and manage an unlimited number of ambassador types, including fans, employees, and partners. The platform also offers campaigns for specific promotions, times of year, and events like Black Friday, Christmas, and so on.


For ambassadors it’s even easier. They simply sign up once through their Facebook accounts, and from then on enjoy brand rewards for sharing content, with no hassle, friction or complication.


Why is now a good time to start using Spitche?

Buzzsumo reported a 20 percent decrease in Facebook engagement among brand and business page fans in 2017. Then, in 2018, after changes to the Facebook algorithm, commentators predicted that small and medium businesses would be damaged by a lack of organic reach.


Spitche turns everything on its head, making organic social media marketing your most powerful tool.


It’s a fast and easy way of transforming your customers into ambassadors, and allows you to make the most of your network reach, taking your branding, conversions and customer engagement to the next level.


Where did the idea for Spitche come from?

Like many startups, Spitche was built to fill a gap in the market and meet a specific need.

When our CEO Kévin Markowski launched his first business, he wanted to work with a tool that allowed his company to connect to new customers through recommendations, shares and engagement. But nothing fit the bill.


We worked hard on the first version and put it through a rigorous beta trial. Our team has taken on board feedback – both positive and negative – to create a platform that really makes a difference to the companies and entrepreneurs that use it.


Giving back to your social media community

Spitche cuts through the social media noise, giving power back to the users and helping them to express and share what interests them. By encouraging users to share brand content with their friends and families, businesses can be sure their content will continue to have an impact.


Come and sign up for one free brand ambassador campaign a month and see how Spitche can boost your engagement and bottom line.

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