A new plugin to integrate Messenger on websites

Today, the Messenger platform moves to version 2.2. And with this version, comes a rather interesting novelty: the Customer Chat plugin to integrate the chat messenger on corporate websites.

As Facebook explains in a post, “people can chat with companies on their websites and in Messenger (on the web, on a mobile device or on a tablet) and make a seamless transition without losing the history and context of the conversation. This makes it easier for customers to converse with a business, where and when it suits them best. “

pluginThere are already a large number of services and platforms that make it possible to integrate a chat system on websites. But the advantage of Facebook Messenger is its popularity. Indeed, the application currently has more than 1.3 billion active users per month.

On the other hand, Messenger offers many features quite useful for businesses, such as payments, bots or “rich media”. And these are accessible via the new plugin.

According to Facebook, this feature was in great demand by companies.

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