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Nano-influencers: the new best allies for your brand

Influential and engaging from his sofa, the nano-influencer is the brand’s new ally!

Nano-influencers are people who like a brand, a product, a cause, an event, and who talk about them.

They are not paid to do it, they just want to share their opinion to enlighten their peers in their purchases.

These “Mr. and Mrs. Everybody” are influencers in their own right!

They share their opinions with those around them, but they are also present on the social networks and on the websites of brands and e-merchants: they regularly post content, customer reviews, ratings, and they share their favorites and their discoveries with their entire network.

In the age of all-connected, the impact of nano-influencers continues to grow. It’s a new lever with which marketing and communication departments must start working today to talk about their brands and products.

Nano-influencers, proof of authenticity

The first characteristic that is the strength of nano-influencers is their authenticity.

These consumers are intended to help their peers in their purchases and therefore do not hesitate to share their views with transparency to guide other consumers in their choices.

True Mutual 2.0, customer reviews have exploded in recent years on the web and are increasingly consulted.

Tired of traditional advertising, deceptive marketing messages, and sponsored content, consumers are looking for authenticity.

And who better to talk about a product than Internet users already customers of a brand?

They know your products, have tested them, have identified their strengths and flaws.

Now you have to take the necessary steps to offer them opportunities to communicate their opinion and amplify their voice to your audiences.

In addition, the nano-influencer does not receive any remuneration to give his opinion, contrary to the profiles chosen for influence strategies.

The phenomenon of “influencing fatigue” characterizes the recent crisis of confidence caused by consumer overexposure to influence marketing campaigns.

Trained in the codes of consumerism, they quickly learned to recognize a paid influencer to promote a product.

Result: Audiences of major influencers are becoming less attentive and sensitive to the content they produce.

If the nano-influencers are not affected by this crisis of confidence it is because they are in a personal and disinterested approach.

The nano-influencer, this “Mr. and Mrs. Everybody” publishes only in order to help his peers and guide them in their purchase process.

He is in an altruistic dynamic and makes available to other users the kind of content that he would like to consult to make a decision about a future investment.



Nano-influencer: a limited but highly qualified network

Another strength of the nano-influencer: its network!

92% of Internet users consult customer reviews to prepare a purchase, and 68% trust these reviews, even if the author is a complete stranger.

His colleagues, his friends, his family, his knowledge, are all potential customers that you can touch by deciding to put the nano-influencers at the heart of your strategy of digital influence.

Present and active on social networks, nano-influencers allow you to have access to a large network of consumers sharing the same passions, similar tastes and lifestyles, the same values ​​as your brand or the same needs.

So it’s a hyper-qualified audience pool at your fingertips!

Nano-influencers are real ambassadors and true allies for brands on social networks, in search of viral and authentic marketing.

They produce spontaneous and objective content that influences their peers and reinforces them in their buying process.





“According to a study by Marketly (2016), the most important element sought by a brand in an influencer is its ability to engage and not the number of subscribers.”



Nano-influencers are numerous, choose the right ones to talk about you


Like other influencer categories, nano-influencers are neither multi-product nor multi-category.

They have areas of predilection determined by their passions, their lifestyles, their socio-demographic profile …

A fishing lover will have less relevant arguments to share his opinion on a pair of shoes or a beauty treatment, than on a cane fishing and a hook.

That’s why at Spitche we prioritize existing brand communities, in order to attract a qualified audience to talk about their products.

Nano-influencers are your consumers, so there are many of them.

By offering them the opportunity to test your products and share their opinions with other consumers, you are sure to reap genuine, objective and well-argued opinions that will convince other consumers.

No need to spend astronomical sums in campaigns of influence if you have nano-influencers on your side.

If they like your brand and are convinced by your products they will be able to create quality content to reach other consumers.

Now it’s up to you to make them shine.

Trust your consumers to be spokespersons for your brand and products.


92% of people seek advice from loved ones before making a purchase

How to use nano-influencers on Facebook

In 2018 it is still possible to dope the engagement on your Facebook page.

Even though the reach of your page is slowly going down, at Spitche we found a way to give power back to your page.

A little things to know before creating a campaign:


  • Interest: To be visible on Facebook, you need to generate interest. The more your subscribers like your publications, your photos, the more you will appear in their newsfeed. On the other hand, if they are not interested in the content you are proposing, you will not be there anymore and will therefore have even more difficulty to be visible on social networks.


  • Publication type and commitment: When comparing the type of publication to boost, some things are to be know:
    -Text equals level A: little commitment
    -A link is equivalent to level B: a little more heat, a little more commitment
    -A photo equals level C: even more warmth and commitment
    -A video equals level D: a lot of warmth and commitment
    To feed the fire, you need air and air are your subscribers. By likening and commenting on your publications, they allow to give them more visibility because these interactions will appear in the news feed of their friends.


  • Recency: ratio between the time of publication and the reaction time. The faster people interact with a publication, the more likely it is to become viral.


So, Once you have checked all previous points, you can then go on our platform,

Create your account, and start creating your first campaign,

For that it’s simple and will take you no longer than 5min.

Give your campaign a name, for example “Product Launch September 2018”

Select the duration of your campaign (we recommend here no longer than 3 days), to enjoy the recency of the post and have a lot of nano-influencers engaged with your post quickly.

Select your Facebook page, 

Then select the appropriate post you want to boost the reach and engagement,

Create your gamification plan, reward and winner program,

Share the link with your nano-influencers,

See the magic.

Reward your top nano-influencers at the end of your campaign.

Create a new campaign to boost an other action!

If you need assistance creating your campaign, we are here to guide you!


Come and sign up for one free brand ambassador campaign a month and see how Spitche can boost your engagement and bottom line.






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