Instagram News {Update 07/18}

A few days ago, Facebook announced that Instagram has reached one billion active users per month.


#1 Video calls land (finally) on Instagram

Instagram deploys video calls in Direct Mail, as well as a new design for the Explorer tab.

The social network also continues to beef up its messaging, by launching a video call feature. This feature was announced at Facebook’s F8 conference. And today, it is finally deployed.

“Video chat gives you the experience of real-time video in a private space and helps you feel close and connected to friends when you can not be together. Your friends are already on Instagram, and with video chat, you can seamlessly connect to iOS and Android and no phone number, “Instagram ad.

To start a video chat on Instagram, just open the Direct Messaging and open an existing chat. If the feature has already arrived at your home, you will normally have a new button for video calls.

And Instagram’s video chat is not limited to two people. On Direct, you have the opportunity to chat in video with up to 4 people.

On Instagram, you can have a video call with everyone you’ve talked to via Direct. But the social network also allows you to block people, or hide them, so that you do not receive notifications from them.

A new Explorer tab

In addition to video calls, Instagram also introduced another novelty: a new design for the Explore tab, which was also announced at Facebook’s F8 conference.

According to the social network, 200 million people open this tab every day to discover content. And now, with thematic channels, the “for you” section with a personalized selection of publications, and hashtags suggestions, this content discovery will be easier.

“It’s now even easier to browse the publications you want to view and the accounts you want to track,” says Instagram.

#2 Instagram now allows you to add music to stories

Instagram claims more than 400 million people using Stories on a daily basis (although it is unclear whether this figure applies only to story producers or all of those who post and watch them).

Anyway, this format has become an absolute must, whether for individuals or brands, as Instagram explains, “the Stories have become a huge territory of expression for the community that shares its daily with his family “.


All the music I love, it comes in the stories

To reinforce its offer around this phenomenon, Instagram announces a new feature encouraging more creativity and expression: music in the Stories. It’s now possible to add a soundtrack to your photo or video in an Instagram Storie this way:

  • After creating a photo or video, it is possible to add music by pressing the sticker menu and selecting the music sticker. On iOS, it is also possible to select a song before capturing your photo or video by selecting the music format of your camera.
  • It is possible to search for a specific song, browse by mood, genre or popularity. By dragging the slider forward or backward, you can select the excerpt that best fits your story.
  • When subscribers discover the Story, the song will be played automatically. A sticker with the title of the song and the name of the artist will also appear.

This new feature is available today on iOS. It will soon be launched on Android.

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