{Instagram News}: Regram button, animated GIF, saving stories, close friends

The Next Web has made several discoveries on Instagram: the application is currently developing several features, tested on a panel of users. The most interesting is probably the integration of a native “Regram” button, to share the picture or Instagram video of a friend or a brand easily.

A Regram button on Instagram


This feature is perhaps one of the most anticipated by community members.

Today, doing a Regram on Instagram is relatively tedious.

You can use the Repost app on Android and iOS, but a native Regram would be much easier to use.

At the moment, we do not know what will be the exact operation of the Regram button (direct sharing, without caption, or sharing the photo / video with the possibility of adding a caption like on Twitter).




We do not know if the native Regram will finally be deployed on Instagram, but we are hopeful.

The other features in test are as follows:

Insert animated GIFs in Instagram stories and posts

Instagram could add animated GIFs in stickers, to add in stories – and even in “classic” publications. The application would use GIPHY.

A beta version of Instagram on iPhone

On Android, you can access the beta version of Instagram to take advantage of new features before anyone else.

The social network is currently inviting a panel of iPhone users to join an iOS beta.

Instagram stories saved in archives

On Instagram, you can “archive photos / videos” to delete them from your profile while saving them.

On Snapchat, you can automatically save the snaps you publish in your stories.

Instagram is developing a feature to automatically record your stories: these photos / videos would be accessible from Instagram’s “Archive” feature.

Close friends on Instagram

It seems that the feature is currently being tested on a larger scale: a list of close friends (favorites), with whom you can share photos and videos exclusively.

Share on WhatsApp, top emojis / hashtag, followed by a hashtag

Instagram could also allow you to share a post on WhatsApp without leaving the app, to access the most popular emojis and hashtags of the moment, to pin conversations in Direct, to follow hashtags …


All these features are being tested, we do not know if Instagram will decide to integrate them to the mainstream version of its application.

For us @Spitche they look very interesting for the development of Instagram and in the way for developing Communities so we can’t wait to know more.