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How to humanize your e-commerce?

Being able to humanize your e-commerce is one of the qualities of the greatest marketing experts. If we focus on the monitoring of a scenario, the control of every detail, every publication and every keyword, we would surely obtain results, but the contact with the customer will not be complete …


The key is to go beyond, so as not to give the impression that we are only interested in numbers: we must show the public that we are interested in people first and foremost. In digital marketing, there is no magic formula to humanize a business, but different elements have proven their effectiveness to make e-commerce more friendly and authentic.



If you want to humanize your e-commerce, you must be ready to be vulnerable. When you share the story of your business, you will expose yourself to criticism. You must be ready to accept them, because not everyone will share your vision, your values … But those who do will quickly transform into your most loyal customers.

What is your story ? When did it start? What were your obstacles? Why are you unique? Whatever your story, tell it!




When an e-commerce is authentic, knows its values and knows what its purpose, the audience it aims will be naturally attracted by the latter.

The key element to humanize an online business is to begin by defining one’s identity: its values, its objectives and the themes that matter to it. These aspects will then have to guide all decisions and actions taken, from the largest (the name of the page) to the smallest ones (the site’s font).

Authenticity is especially important when selecting employees who reflect the image of e-commerce and influences the perception of consumers.


There is no better way to show the audience you are than by interacting with them: so take advantage of all the opportunities that arise to establish a dialogue.

Directly or indirectly, make your e-commerce present and available to your audience.

Answer any questions, comments, or forums where your customers might be present. Thus, all will see that they are important to you and that your e-commerce, in addition to being a simple business, is a human organization.



If you want to get your customers involved, give them the microphone … One of the best things we have done for social networks is that they allow for fully horizontal communication.

Instead of controlling each of your company’s publications, let your customers express themselves. This will allow them to feel valued and you will get valuable content to build trust and demonstrate your authenticity.

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Your e-commerce is part of today’s society and, as such, it must be designed to improve it. Get involved in events and causes that meet your mission and values: they will be a great help to humanize your business and your brand.



Get involved with your customers too: do not be just a simple shopkeeper.

Be the merchant. Optimize your e-commerce so that it is accessible with direct communication tools such as chats, clicks to call or chabots to create on the profile of your audience.

Bring the best communication tools like VoIP telephony to be reachable by your customers wherever you are in the world. In other words, you need to be ubiquitous in your industry for your audiences and for society in general.



Professionals or individuals, e-commerce or physical shop, we all have flaws and we can all make mistakes.

Professionals tend to want to maintain a flawless image, even in tricky situations. In the case of an e-commerce, although the public does not perceive it, all the operation depends on a human organization. If you are at fault, do not bury your head in the sand and apologize by giving a solution to the problem at the same time.

Also, do not hesitate to say thanks to your audience if you reach goals in terms of followers or number of customers or for any other element for which you would say thank you in your personal life.

Enjoy newsletters or campaigns to show your appreciation to your audiences or simply wish them happy holidays. A simple way to keep in touch with your consumers while humanizing your image.



By definition, humanization is “the action of making human, more human”.

In an ever more technological and virtual society, it is sometimes difficult to convey to different audiences the feeling that the exchange is done well with a human organization and not with an automatic system. This is particularly true in the case of e-commerce sites, which find it even more difficult to generate complete trust from their consumers.

Overall, the humanization of e-commerce has many advantages. Everyone is advised to adopt strategies to make their businesses more humane, gain credibility and make your voice heard.

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