How to boost the sales of your site via the purchase notifications?

Did you know that 7 out of 10 people say they look at reviews before buying? I’m sure that’s your case too! In any case it’s mine on at least 50% of my online purchases. Social proof is crucial in the purchase process, it reassures potential customers on the credibility of an offer …


If you have an e-commerce site, sell products or services, know that your potential customers when they arrive on your site ask a good series of questions:

  • What is your reputation?
  • Who do you work with?
  • Are people who bought your products or services satisfied?
  • How many people have already bought from you?

In short, potential customers are looking for evidence of your credibility. Social proof is therefore essential to invite your prospects to buy.

Creating social proof for your offer can go through different techniques:

Setting up scoring to let customers express their feelings about your products;
The creation of customer testimonials;
Or, highlight the logos of known companies with which you have already worked.
Another technique that is increasingly popular is the use of real-time notification of purchase or registration. The advantage is that prospects arriving on your sales page see the purchase notifications of previous people. This increases the credibility of your offer to them.

People on the sales page feel reassured by these notifications. Notifications used in parallel with customer testimonials and logos of known companies can reassure prospects about to become customers.



As I said earlier, I set up a download notification system for our White Book. Our sales tunnel starts with the downloading of an Ambassador guide to attract new prospects. These prospects then arrive on a sales page where download notifications appear at the bottom of the screen.

To achieve this, simply use a purchase notification service. For my part I used PageLife. It has a double advantage:

It is very simple to install on the site, a simple code to copy and paste and go!
It is very affordable: 14 free days to test then from 6 € per month.
In practice, once the code is installed, you can set up notifications on this site, this is done very simply.

You can easily set the information to display in the notification. An example, the notification takes the first name of the person, his city then the text “downloaded the Ambassador guide”. You can also retrieve the number of people in total, the number of visits on a page … Many options allow you to customize the whole.

You can also use a plugin if you use wordpress: