20 powerful titles to increase your share on social networks

Are you tired of being invisible on social networks?

Do you feel like nobody notices you? That no one is interested in you?

That no one is listening to you?

It’s normal. Take a look at these numbers, you will understand …

2.4 million. That’s the number of Google searches in a minute.

Between 1500 and 15 000. This is the number of Facebook posts that appear on a person’s feed when they sign in to their account.

More than 7000. This is the number of tweets per second.

These numbers are hallucinating. Gigantic. Dementia. But they tell us one thing: there has never been as much competition on the web as in our day.

It’s simple: today, everyone publishes content. Multinationals, brands, large and small businesses, this guy in underwear in his living room … Even your baker at the corner of the street has a Youtube channel to show his expertise when he makes his bread, hoping to attract a larger clientele.

So how can you cope?

How to make people click on your article when they see it in Google?

How do you share it when you post it on Twitter, Facebook, Google + or LinkedIn?

The answer: you must have a powerful title. It’s easy: if your title is null, your content will not be clicked. So not read. And even less shared.

One of the biggest marketing blogs in the world, Copyblogger, has conducted a study … The numbers are not talking, they are screaming. Look: 8 out of 10 people will read your title, but only 2 out of 10 will click on it. It is for this reason that you must have an excellent title.

So here for you and immediately 20 formulas titles ready to be copied. They will allow you to have more clicks on your articles, to increase your partitions and to boost your traffic.

All you have to do is fill in the square brackets.

Let’s go!



Titles that always work:

The title “How”. If it’s been used for more than 100 years in commercials and magazines, it’s for a reason: it’s working on fire 

That’s why I’m giving you 7 powerful formulas of the title “How” right now:


1) How [Objective]

More classic you die. But despite its simplicity, it works surprisingly well.


How to increase your sharing on social networks
How to write a good blog article

Let’s see the variants of this title.


2) How [Objective]: The Ultimate Guide

Be careful with this double-edged title. If you claim that your article is an ultimate guide and you only give boat tips, your credibility will sink …

But if you have a solid content that contains data, statistics, examples and case studies, do not hesitate to use this title formula: your article will be a hit.


How to build a loyal audience on his blog: the ultimate guide
How to write optimized SEO articles: the ultimate guide


3) How [Objective]: The Method

This kind of title reassures readers and shows that you know what you are talking about.


How to lose weight: the method
How to flirt in the street: the method


4) How [Objective]: The Professionals’ Opinion [From Your Theme]

With that, your credibility will rise in rank … Because you will use the words of the experts.


How to succeed as an entrepreneur: The opinion of Richard Branson
How to eat healthy: the opinion of 5 dieticians


5) How to do [Objective] in 5 Minutes

If you can give real advice that will achieve the promised goal in 5 minutes, you will wreak havoc with your article.


How to make your wife happy in 5 minutes
How to write a blog article in 20 minutes (you do not have to follow the “5 minutes” method to the letter, as long as it’s short)


6) How [Goal] and [Bonus]

One of the best titles that exist, without a doubt. Not only do you help your readers reach a goal, but you also show them the bonus that comes with it.


How to write good titles and have more traffic
How to succeed on social networks and gain influence
How to reassure your wife and improve your relationship


7) How to be [Desired Quality]

We are not only interested in what we do. We are also concerned with ourselves, what we want to become, what we want to be.


How to be more productive on social networks
How to be unforgettable
How to become more attractive

The one we love: the title list

Moz and BuzzSumo (two giants of webmarketing) collaborated together by analyzing more than one million articles. The goal ? Find the types of articles that generate the most shares and receive the most links.

The result is without appeal: these are the items of type “List”.



Thus, a good article of the “List” type can garner 6 times more shares than a “Comment” article.

Here’s the truth: people are addicted to lists. So here are 8 title formulas “List” to make your viral articles:


8) 6 Ways to [Do Something]

Swing 6, 14 or 21 ways to do something. It’s simple and it works.


6 ways to have more traffic on your blog
25 ways to fall asleep earlier


9) 11 Ways to [Do Something] When [Situation]

This is the variant of the title just above, you will just add in what situation apply these “ways”.


11 ways to write an article when you have no inspiration
5 ways to save money when you go to a restaurant


10) The Top 10

This formula works every time, because it shows your readers that they will have the best, the best of the best.


Top 10 Blog Articles That Work Best
The top 10 marketing tweets of the year 2016
The top 10 foods that make you lose weight

11) 7 Steps to [Objective]

People like to be told what to do. This title makes you want to click because it is reassuring: it gives the steps to perform to achieve a given result.

Your readers will love.


7 steps to having a 5-digit salary with his blog (much better than “How to have a 5-digit salary with his blog” in this case)
3 steps to become popular on social networks
Note: Be careful not to give too many steps. 12 seems to be the maximum.


12) 27 Tips for [Objective]

Man is a fan of tips. He wants advice for everything: tidy up his room, wash his dishes, play sports, buy a Ferrari … Take advantage and use this formula for your titles.


27 tips to improve your social media presence
87 tips to win your first million euros

Note: The bigger the number of tips in this title, the better. So do not hesitate.


13) 7 Mistakes That Will Prevent You From [Objective]

This is the formula that piques curiosity par excellence. If your readers manage to resist this title and do not click on it, I take my hat (even if I never wear it, I admit it).


7 mistakes that will prevent you from becoming a millionaire
8 mistakes that will prevent you from finding the woman of your life


14) 9 Tracks for [Goal]

Your readers want to be referred, oriented, guided … So give them some leads.


9 tracks to live from your blog
5 tracks to save your couple


15) 7 Lessons I Learned from [White]

An effective title, because it creates an aura of security: you show your readers that you have tested and learned from one of your experiences … They will want to know more


7 lessons I learned by writing an article a day for a month
5 lessons I learned by marrying 5 times

Those who are weird (but fearsome)

One would think that all the titles of the web follow two formulas: the formula “Comment” or the formula “List”. In fact, there are titles that follow no structure … But that works incredibly well.

  If you feel ready, use these 6 formulas that I give you. You will make a box.


16) Is your [White] [doing something wrong]?

The title panic: your readers will hardly be able to resist to click on it.


Does your landing page not convert?
Are your articles not shared? 3 tips to put in place (you can add a small list like here)


17) [A Famous Person’s Guide] for [Objective]

If you have the opportunity to link your content to a famous person and makes sense in your theme, do not hesitate.


Freud’s guide to understanding your relationships
Jon Morrow’s guide to having a popular blog


18) The Secret + [Objective]

Seeing this title, your readers will have only one desire: click to read your article, because you share a secret on a goal that is dear to them.


The secret of a fulfilling life
7 secrets to live from his blog (you can also reveal several secrets like here)


19) Here is a Middle [Adjective] For [Objective]

This title works well, because you address directly to your reader by saying to him “Here” … And you propose him in addition a means to reach his objective.


Here is a little known way to have more traffic on your blog
Here is an effective way to seduce a woman from the first appointment


20) Attention: [Something That Makes Curios]

It’s almost impossible to resist this kind of title. If you do, you may end up burned, drowned, or eaten alive.

Seriously: the simple word “Attention” makes your readers willing to listen to you.


Warning: These 5 items can ruin your blog posts
Warning: This little thing in everyday life can destroy your health


The art of writing titles that work

You can think that with these 20 ready-made formulas, nothing can stop you in your quest to write irresistible titles … It’s a big mistake.

Do not know your readers: that’s what will lead you to your loss.

You want a torrent of sharing? Do your articles become popular on social networks? So get to know your readers.

Find out what is tormenting them, keeping them awake at 3am. Help them to wait for their goals, to reach their dreams. Then use one of these 21 formulas to write an unstoppable title. Nobody can stop, you will be unstoppable.

Nothing will prevent your articles from becoming viral on social networks.

Nothing will prevent your blog from climbing as high as a rocket, and being as bright as a shooting star.

And nothing will stop you from being the best.