5 techniques to use Facebook Messenger effectively in your marketing strategy

1.3 billion users, open rates close to 100% and clickthrough rates 5 to 10 times higher than emailing: Messenger emerges as a new communication channel for businesses.

How to take advantage of Messenger? What are the techniques that work? Which tools to use?

Discover 5 ways to harness the potential of Facebook Messenger to generate prospects and customers and interact with your audience.


Leave the choice to your audience to receive your content by Messenger or email

By using Messenger as a channel for your newsletters with tools like Botletter, you can get open rates of 80 to 100% and click-through rates of around 40%. Arthur de Villemandy, founder of the news bulletin Tech and Business Planet says that a third of its readers have chosen to receive their newsletter via Messenger.


Automatically send resources via Messenger to people who comment on a Facebook post.

It is now possible to automatically send a Messenger message to all people who comment a Facebook post on a page of which you are an administrator. You can then continue to contact the people who have received your message to inform them of your news or exclusive discounts.


Use Facebook Messenger chatbots for your online quizzes and satisfaction surveys

Do you have trouble filling out your online questionnaires by your prospects and clients?

Your completion rates are struggling to exceed 10%?

So I have good news for you, you can now use Facebook Messenger chatbots to carry out your online questionnaires and satisfaction surveys.

Solutions such as Surveybot will help you to easily create these questionnaires. Liam Houlaha, the founder of this solution, says completion rates can be as high as 80% for long questionnaires of 15 questions or more.

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Replace the chat on your website with a chat Messenger

David Marcus, in charge of Messenger at Facebook was present in Paris in early November to announce in person the launch of this new Messenger feature.

The chat of your website will now receive messages directly on Messenger. It will then be possible to continue to contact the person who contacted you via the chat to offer exclusive offers. Free retargeting to keep it simple!
This feature is now available in beta and you should be among the first to implement it on your website.

Replace your email sequences with sequences on Messenger 

Thanks to tools like Manychat and more recently Chatfuel, one can send to his Messenger subscribers a series of automated messages in time.

We are talking about Messenger Automation as we talk about email automation.

Just select the delay between each message, as well as the shipping time and the messages are sent automatically to each subscriber to a sequence.

It is an ideal way to discover your offer or lift the brakes on the purchase of your prospects. Note that these messages may include videos, images, GIFS and audio.

Best of all, it is possible to track the users who have interacted with your messages and send the following message just to people who have opened or clicked.

It’s up to you to mess with Messenger to generate new prospects and customers directly from email applications!