Facebook develops the sending of messages in mass via Messenger {News}

Facebook has just deployed a very interesting test (for brands) that would send messages in bulk through Messenger.

This feature would make it possible to create a message via the Ads Manager, and to send it massively on Messenger, a little on the same model as a newsletter, the Messenger interactions in addition. 

The shipment would be “organic”, with a possibility to boost the audience via the purchase.



The feature would create a welcome message, a main message with image and text / video and text, text only; a title, a subtitle, and a CTA response.

This feature should not be spammy, as a reminder, Facebook prevents users from targeting Messenger who have never interacted with the brand.

And users can easily block the exchanges.

Such a format could nevertheless contribute to increasing Messenger’s weight in the Facebook advertising ecosystem.

This is an important area of development for Facebook that faces the saturation of Newsfeed.

We do not have details about a widespread deployment of this feature, but it seems consistent with other Facebook advertising products, and so could arrive quickly.

Is this new format going to change the way we do to target people via Newsletter ?