Facebook: Collaborative Stories for Groups and Events

Facebook stories have an important update.

The Messenger Day and the Facebook application merge: now Facebook stories will also be visible in Messenger (and vice versa).

Facebook also announces stories for groups and events.


Facebook event and group stories

At the top of your Facebook newsfeed, you will now see other types of stories.

In addition to the stories published by friends, you will be able to access group and event stories.

These are collaborative stories: If you are part of a group or participate in an event, you can contribute to a collaborative story.

Just launch the Facebook camera, take a picture or a video and choose in which story you want to add it.

If adopted by users, this feature will allow you to experience an event from the outside and access the different points of view of the participants.


Confidentiality of group and event stories

In terms of confidentiality, it’s quite simple: anyone who can access an event can view the stories.

Just need it to say that you are “Interested in” or “I’m participating” in an event to keep you coming back.

For groups, anyone in a group can view and post photos and videos in a group story.


The moderation of collaborative stories

For moderation, the parameters are the same as for “classic” publications: if an administrator automatically accepts publications, you can contribute to the group’s story automatically.

If he moderates the contents a priori, he will also have to moderate the stories.


The fusion of Facebook and Messenger stories

Another novelty announced by the social network: the merger of the Facebook and Messenger (Messenger day) stories.

Now, if you add photos or videos to your Facebook story, your friends will see it on Messenger; and vice versa: if you add content to your story via Messenger, they will also be visible on Facebook.

If you have viewed a story on one of the two apps, it will be “marked as read” on the other platform, and so on.


So there is “only” three types of stories in the Facebook ecosystem:

  • Facebook stories, Messenger included
  • Instagram stories
  • WhatsApp status

Since the privacy settings (and contents) of Facebook and Instagram stories are relatively different, Facebook should not, in the short term, merge Facebook and Instagram stories.

By simplifying the use of stories and adapting this format to more contexts (groups, events …), Facebook wants to encourage users to adopt stories – which, on Facebook, are used very little at the moment.

Integrating group and event stories at the top of the news feed should quickly grab users’ attention, and perhaps (finally) launch Facebook stories

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