How to write the perfect Tweet?

A community manager’s first mission is to create engagement with his community.

There are different ways to engage your audience on Twitter, starting with the Tweets themselves.

A Tweet well built is more likely to be seen, relayed, clicked …

Here are our tips for you to achieve “The Perfect Tweet”.


1. Work the tone you want to give to your Tweet

Speaking the same language as your community will create proximity.

Set a tone that matches your target.

Finance specialists will not have the same expectations as fans of One Direction ?

Twitter is one of the youngest and most dynamic social networks.

Lightness and professionalism are often appreciated. Be serious, you are the business showcase.

For example, on twitter, we mainly address enthusiasts and professionals of the web as well as entrepreneurs and small structures (Startups / VSE / SME).

We strive to have simple, serious language and answer all of your questions.



2. A perfect Tweet requires a perfect shape

Every day, millions of Tweets are posted on Twitter and yet thousands of them have spelling and syntax errors.

In addition to losing credibility with your nearest circle (your followers), it may be that your Tweet is relayed for the wrong reasons …

Also, do not skip punctuation or it will become very difficult to understand the meaning of your message.

The size of your Tweet is also to be taken into account.

Try not to exceed 120/130 characters: Leave 10 to 20 free characters will allow your community to choose between the classic retweet (Retweet Button) or the RT @fullname that some users prefer (allows to do a Tweet rather than a retweet).

Note that the most Retweeted Tweets are 120/130 characters.

Finally, use engaging words (Love, You, …), ask questions (How, Why, …). Favor superlatives and adjectives qualifiers (Incredible, New, …).

3. A perfect Tweet brings traffic to your site!

If you want to increase your clickthrough rate, your link will need to be between 25% and 32% of your message.

Keep in mind that these tips are general and do not apply to all situations.

The important thing here is to remember that the place of your URL can affect your clickthrough rate. So test!

It is possible to go further to optimize its link.

For example, use to customize the name of your link or to add calls-to-actions.


4. Mentions are essential for your visibility

Quote its sources brings visibility.
Whenever you mention a user in a Tweet, the latter will receive a notification.

Talk about him, thank him for congratulating his work, there is a good chance he will retweet you.

That’s why some prefer to rewrite a Tweet by adding RT @ Fullname instead of just clicking the button.

Give credibility to your Tweet

As in an essay, a dissertation, a thesis or simply an article, quote your sources to show the validity of your information.

Sources are what distinguishes a rumor from an information.

5. Optimize your hashtags to gain visibility

Hashtags increase your visibility and increase your notoriety.

You can use Ritetag. This tool allows you to follow Twitter trends on topics that interest you. HashtagIt will allow you to find the hashtag that will reach the widest audience without being lost in the mass.

After setting your hashtags, choose in 5 or 10 at most. It’s better to be an expert on 5 subjects than a novice out of 100. Spontaneous awareness and clicks will follow.


6. The image of the Tweet

Do not put an image on a Tweet is like selling a car without the wheels.

  Studies prove it, an image in a Tweet is:

18% + click
89% + Favorite
150% + Retweet

There are various tools to help you make beautiful illustrations, we have already talked about Canva, there are many others.

Buffer offers including Pablo, a tool to make images.

Crello allows you to make animations, which is really cool and will attract the attention.

Be careful to use the correct format for your image.

If it is too big, it will be out of range, and if it is too small it will not get the desired effect.

For Twitter the current format for a post is 1024 px x 512 px but they evolve over time! 


7. Maximize the impact of your Tweets with Twitter Cards

Twitter Cards is the ultimate thing for a perfect Tweet and it’s free!

They take more space than a “normal Tweet” and therefore will be seen more often.

Here are the 7 different types of Twitter Cards:

The “Summary Card”: Default Card
The “Summury Card with Large Image”: Similar to the “Summary Card” but with a larger image
The “Photo Card”: A Tweet “photo only” interesting for graphic designers for example
The “Gallery Card”: They allow you to share 4 images on a single Tweet, as a mosaic.
The “App Card”: Allows you to describe your application and create a call-to-action to download the application.
The “Player Card”: This card allows you to add a video or an audio tape to your Tweet
The “Product Card”: It will allow you to place your image and add 2 additional features of your product.

8. Publish your perfect Tweet at the right time

We must also think about the “impression” of the Tweet: the number of times the Tweet is seen by a user.

Some criteria we’ve seen already increase the number of impressions.

Hashtags for example, but there is still one point that can dramatically increase your impressions of Tweet: the time at which you post it.

The “hot zone” of Twitter is between noon and three o’clock.

There are statistically more people connected during this niche.

Promote your first posts at this time, then adapt your publication to the connection times of your target.

You will have to adjust your schedules according to your target to increase your impressions.

See as well when to post at the perfect time on social media

9. Tweet analysis 

There are a multitude of tools to analyze your stats.

Twitter Counter, Twitter Analytics & Topsy are great tools, which we recommend you try.

They will give you a number of important key metrics for your account: impressions, engagement, click rate, number of favorites, retweets, and more. By analyzing your popular Tweets in detail, you’ll understand what your audience is interested in and can replicate it.

If you have a lot of impressions and little commitment, you should think about changing the subject, your tone or even a message! Conversely, if you have a lot of commitment and few impressions then change the time and hashtag.

A good community manager, does not rest on his achievements and always tries to improve ?


If you have followed everything, then you understand that the real issue is in the test. We tried to give you some ideas: What is my target? When to post? What subject ? What tone to adopt? where to place my link? …

You now have all the keys in hand to write the perfect Tweet and engage your community!