6 tips to turn a customer into brand ambassador

The customer has a power often underestimated by the companies, it is a true promoter of the brand and become more legitimate than some media.

The “evangelist” behavior of the client ambassador is often spontaneous but he generally needs to be encouraged by the company.

Discover 6 tips to make your loyal customers into ambassadors for your business.




Giving the trust to your customers is the key to a lasting relationship, and a solid foundation for making them future ambassadors of your products / services.

First point, be transparent.

Do not hide information that could hurt the relationship you have with your customers.

Be clear, about customer data management for example, legal notices, etc.

Feel free to certify your customer relationship by a trusted third party, the positive opinions of your customers will be even stronger with other consumers.

Second, keep your promises. Nothing is easier in appearance, but there are still companies that fail to fulfill this fundamental obligation. This is the best way to win the trust of your consumers.



Once your customers are confident or at least more confident in your brand, they will be better able to express themselves.

Give them the opportunity to interact with you without major constraints.

They must be able to express themselves spontaneously through the tools you put at their disposal: anywhere, anytime and from any tool.

Also remember to solicit your customers, show that their opinions are very important to you.

A customer who interact with the brand will be more engaged.


Social networks are a great way to make your followers or fans become ambassadors for your brand.

Remember that the web is an entertainment space, and this is even more the case on social networks.

You must be able to produce attractive content, dynamic and above all with high added value.

Do not just talk about your business, touch themes that interest your customers. This type of content will encourage consumer buy-in, significantly increasing their engagement.

The challenge is obviously to catch the attention of your fans, who all have a hyper-consistent newsfeed.

Feel free to set up contests, they are engagement generators and very attractive.

Who does not like to be rewarded for his commitment?

All of these elements will even encourage your fans to create their own content related to your business (posts, article sharing, etc.). For example, Nutella has many brand ambassadors, some have even created dedicated Facebook pages.



The notion of brand attachment reinforces commitment.

It becomes very important to create an emotional relationship between you and your clients.

This goes through the valuation of your company through storytelling.

And yes, it’s easier to create an emotional connection if you tell a story about your business and your brand.

The customers who will adhere to your contents will be likely to carry high the colors of your company.

How to tell stories that will affect my customers?

Immerse yourself in the conversations of your fans on social networks for example.

You have to understand your customers and what affects them in order to tell stories they will share around them.


Of all your consumers, some are more important than others.

You must be able to rank your customers (a little like your prospects, some are more interesting than others) and you rely on the most loyal and committed.

You will be surprised to see that some of them can be influencers, bloggers with interesting audiences, twitters addict with many followers, etc.

Contact them and do not hesitate to submit partnership proposals.

For example, offer to try your products for free in exchange for a blog post.

If the articles are positive (because they can be negative, it is the risk) it will reassure other customers, strengthen their attachment to your company, boost their commitment and perhaps bring out new ambassadors.



The win-win principle is widely used in marketing when it comes to encouraging customers to recommend the products / services of the company around them.

We are talking about referral marketing (or advocacy marketing).

Thanks to a winnings system, your customers will recommend your offer to those around them, individuals who may become prescribers in their turn.

If you are having trouble making a loyal customer a brand ambassador, the sponsorship method is very interesting.

Indeed, the promise of an attractive gain motivates your consumers to commit to your brand.

You can decide to set up the sponsorship permanently (set up a welcome bonus offered to the godfather during the registration of his godson for example) or occasionally, in the form of contests in particular.


Do not hesitate to contact us if you need to plan your ambassador strategy!