The Face of Customer Service in 2019

Maeva Cifuentes

The customer experience is transforming daily, and customer service is one of the most basicrequirements of a successful business and startup. Today customers use social media to communicate with or about brands. The social media manager has become the customer service manager.

Social media has driven customer service into the public sphere. Your online presence is the display window of how you treat your customers.

“The most successful companies will be those that put the customer at the heart of everything they do. It is positive to see that customer experience leaders are influencing other departments including product design and marketing. However, for companies to truly succeed a documented strategy and process of information sharing is critical.”

-Samuel Marklew. Production & Content Director Corinium Global Intelligence

Good customer service is the key to customer loyalty

According to one study, nearly 70% of customers expect brands to pay less attention to sales and more attention to seamless service. Consumers are using Facebook, Twitter and even LinkedIn to communicate with brands.  Another study showed that if you provide bad customer service, over half of your customers will never use your service again.

The other half? They’ll tell their friends and family about their terrible experience, and 20% will write you a public harrowing review.

Customer service is no joke. You might make some mistakes in your business: your tech might buggy, your design could use some TLC, and your content is tolerable at best. These are all repairable mistakes.

What isn’t? Bad customer service.

Failing to listen to your customers and resolve their issues will damage your business beyond repair.

Great customer service in 2019 means responsiveness

People love it when companies are responsive (even better if you’re instantly responsive). We’ve been conditioned to get quick responses.  And the expected response time only shrinks as customers increasingly expect to deal with it over social media.

According to the Harvard Business Review “More than 50% of Twitter users expect a response in less than two hours” (though other sources cite this number at under one hour).

           Facebook will only consider your business as very responsive if you answer in under five minutes.

Brands don’t need an actual human on 24-7-instant-response mode. It’s easy these days to build a chatbotto answer your customers’ basic queries outside of office hours.

The best customer service means you’re always listening

Twitter is easily the preferred customer service channel. But it plays by different rules than Facebook. Instead of directing their complaint at you, they might post it without even tagging you in it. And you don’t want to leave that unanswered, leaving it out in the public sphere for everyone to see.

This is where social media monitoring tools come in. Brands use these tools to monitor conversations that are relevant to them. They can track key words (including their brand name), hashtags and URLs that are relevant to their brand or sector so that they can always be aware of what’s being said at the moment.

Using these tools, you can stay on top of what people are saying about you and your industry, even if you aren’t specifically tagged in it. Nothing needs to fall through the cracks of your social-media eagle eye.

Listening to your customers with social media monitoring is a method for damage control

Save your behind one tweet at a time.

Decide whether engagements should be resolved in public or private. You can embed a button for users to reply by DM easily on your Twitter response. Use it well: certain unhappy customers might be better dealt with in private.

Engage will customers on all points

As a brand, you should be responding to all posts, reviews and check-ins relating to you. Show your customers you’re listening to them.

All posts can be viewed by the public. So not only will your current customer be happy with your interaction, but everyone who follows them will also see your interaction, only further building your brand.

It doesn’t matter if you’re ready or not

This is reality. Consumers are expecting you not only to be active on social media, but to be responsive, too.

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