Small companies, which communication strategy to adopt?

Executives of small companies, you just launched or are here for a while? Are you still very confident that, given your structure, communication and marketing are beyond your reach? Big error! Numerous examples such as Michel and Augustin show that with a low budget and a lot of imagination, it is possible to achieve and even exceed your objectives. What if you could break the internet?



small companies

As a small business, you do not have a budget to spend on market research or testing different digital marketing tools. I would advise you to capitalize on what you know and master: you. Your image will therefore be your best business card. And that says image, says website and social networks.

How you do not have a Facebook page or even a website? If this is the case, no stress. You are not the only one. Today, 50% of Small companies do not have a site. However, this tool is an important asset if it is used properly, that is to say, updated, relayed and animated. A site is sort of your business card on the net and should always be considered the equivalent (in importance) of your brochures or flyers. Imagine being able to communicate on your expertise, not within your brand, but on a much larger catchment area thanks to digital … Attempting is not it?

And do not panic, to ensure you an interesting SEO, you do not necessarily need to invest in expensive campaigns. An optimization of your site and quality content should be enough at first.


small companies

You are a small business, your market is at your doorstep. The geolocation is for you primordial, and it falls well, the net is full of tools of referencing for this purpose! First, there is Google Map. Did you know that you could offer your services via this lever? No ? Well, do not deprive yourself of it. Beyond being effective, this channel of communication is free. By being present on Google Business, you will not only appear on the Google map, but will also benefit from a permanent referral service with feedback from your customers. A true magnet with qualified prospects.


small companies

Who has never heard of Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? For teens or large companies? Again, you’re wrong. These tools, very accessible in terms of pricing, prove to be very effective when handled with dexterity. But be careful, before investing these social networks and publishing everything and nothing, think strategy. The definition of an editorial line is indeed essential whatever your business so that your communication is coherent and efficient. And caution, to be relevant, you will have to display one and the same face. Thus, business cards, website, social networks will ideally always respect the same graphic charter (colors, typography, etc.). Indeed, beyond ensuring aesthetics, this standardization will allow your prospects and customers to identify you at a glance.

Small companies managers, the ball is now in your camp. Do not hesitate to try different actions, you are not immune to a beautiful surprise.


small companies


If you have an established business, there might have chances that you already have customers and even returning customers: Then you have an opportunity here to make them even more loyal to you by offering them to be your ambassadors on social medias by recommending your products/services to their friends and network.

You just launched your business? No worries here, surely you have a community around your brand. Think friends, family, partners… All these people can also be your ambassadors and therefore communicate for you and increasing your social reach and find new customers.

The platform Spitche allows you to engage these ambassadors, track their activity online, analyze behavior and help you reach more potential customers and find new opportunities of business. Give it a try !