Create a brand that will grow your business

A lot of businesses underestimate the power of a brand. The main reason is they usually confuse brand with visual identity, look&feel or even just a logo.

Fortunately for companies, a brand is much more than just visuals.

A brand is, together with a good product, the most valuable asset a company can have.

With Typeform’s growth story as an example, Alex will share achievements and failures, so you get first-hand insight on how defining a brand will have a positive impact on scaling your business.

Alex Antolino is creative director, filmmaker and overnight music producer.

Alex co-founded MMMIND Studio, where he spent five years directing online ads for well-known fashion brands.

His passion for always finding purpose in everything he does, made him transition progressively into a more conceptual stage of advertising, becoming a creative director.

As Typeform’s Creative Director, he successfully led the full rebrand of the company, positioning it as the go-to brand for meaningful experiences within the online forms space. He runs the creative team to deliver honest content and award-winning innovative campaigns to their audiences.

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