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How Nano Influencers Can Explode Your Black Friday Sales

How to Use Nano Influencers To Explode Your Black Friday Sale

How to Use Nano Influencers To Explode Your Black Friday Sales

Only one day after families gather to give thanks, shoppers are locked and loaded for the busiest shopping day of the year.


It isn’t known for being the most peaceful of holidays. Instead, shoppers are known to shed blood for the Black Friday deals. You are more likely to die from shopping on Black Friday than by a shark attack*.

Understandably many shoppers turned to Cyber Monday for a peaceful, at-home alternative.

But Black Friday is no longer reserved to the United States, nor to retail shopping. Since consumers increasingly prefer shopping online to in person, eCommerce now makes most of its sales on this day. Consider the statistics:

– Last year, American shoppers alone spent $5 billion in 24 hours on Black Friday

– The majority of the above figure was spent online

– Black Friday generates on average 3.6x more eCommerce sales than a normal November day**

– In Spain this number increases to 7.8x**

– For some industries, Black Friday sales account for 40% of the year’s sales

– Digital advertising spending in the US alone is expected to exceed $23 billion

– 18% of that is expected to be in Facebook advertising***

– Retailers spend more on Black Friday vs Cyber Monday sales***

Sweet mother’s spatula, that’s a lot of money! If you’re a small eCommerce business, you probably don’t have the budget to compete with this kind of marketing. With the constantly changing algorithms, many brands think they are forced into investing in Facebook advertising.

But what if we told you that wasn’t the case?

What if you could triple your reach with the same budget?

It’s one thing that many buyers are suspicious of sponsored ads. But people are far more likely to trust organic content. Luckily, there are ways of using your own customers to increase your content’s organic reach. And with organic reach, recommended by real people, the possibilities are limitless.


Use nano influencer marketing to make the best of your budget

You need to think of a strategy that works and makes the best of your marketing budget. And in 2018 shoppers use recommendations to decide what to buy. Brands who make the most of this holiday season will leverage word-of-mouth marketing.

The best marketing campaign is using your own customers as nano influencers to skyrocket engagement rates on social media. Plus, content shared using nano influencers through platforms like Spitche get 3x better engagement than Facebook ads with the same budget****.

According to a 2017 study, 23% of people would take recommendations from non-friends (mega influencers), while 86% of people are more likely to listen to close friends’ recommendations for purchase decisions. What’s more, 83% of people feel that macro influencers, micro influencers and celebrities are being paid to endorse brands online.

Logically, your brand’s best bet is building a trusting engagement with your audience through their own friends and family.


Make your own customers brand ambassadors

Your own customers are a goldmine. They already know and love your product. And they would be thrilled to get more of it for free.

If you don’t know who your customers are, you can use social media monitoring tools like Hootsuite to find reviews or user-generated content about your brand.


Getting your customers to share your product

There are a few ways you can get your customers to increase engagement for your Black Friday marketing campaign.

1. Create a loyalty program for your customers.

But they won’t get points for more purchases. Instead, they get points from sharing your content. The customer who gets your Black Friday 2018 ad campaign the highest engagement is rewarded points they can use to buy items directly from your catalogue.

Not only is everyone winning, but customers will continue to purchase from you, strengthening the loyalty circuit.


2. Offer a discount code to your customers who share your content the most.

Take your campaign to the next level and ask your winning customers (bona fide nano influencers at this point) to make a video or post about your product. Offer them a discount code (on top of the Black Friday discounts) to give to their community.

This will appeal to their sense of altruism, since they’ll be helping their families and friends. More brownie points for them and you by association.

Make them compete for the most discount codes used. And, as always, reward the winning ambassador with a gift. They’ll be happy to help their family and friends with a discount, and they’ll like your brand even more.

Does this actually work?

Take a look at this case study: The CLEVER Influencer Marketing Agency implemented a 2-for-1 coupon campaign for RESCUE.

They gave influencers the coupon to share on their posts. The campaign got an astounding 6,000 clicks to their post and 258% increase in Instagram followers.

This was only using celebrity bloggers and macro influencers. Imagine the figures if it were through family and friends.


3. Recognize and reward your influencers

Your brand ambassadors, those who share your content the most, are marketing your brand for free. Identify those who are influencing their friends to buy your product.

Rewarding influencers for sharing your content will not only encourage them to share more, but it will build trust and loyalty to your brand.

Give your influencers an extra hot Black Friday deal exclusive to them – a lifetime of free shipping or a gift card, for example – or even a free gift. They will adore it and continue to promote your brand for free.


Your sales this year will rely heavily on your marketing campaign. Your competitors are investing mega bucks on their campaigns. Use your money wisely through nano influencers and influencer marketing.

Do you have any crazy success stories using friends marketing? We’d love to hear your story in the comments below!

****With the same budget, Spitche performed 3x better than Facebook Ads with a campaign of 100 nano influencers.


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