For successful influence marketing: the advertiser has a role to play!

In view of the seemingly irremediable decline of display advertising, it is fashionable to evoke influence marketing as a panacea.

But it is often considered strictly theoretically or by far in broad outline. However, if it is extremely effective when it is carried out with a master hand, it can become deficient and not fulfill its promises in case of misuse …

In either case, the clever marketer or the offender is usually the same actor: the advertiser – or his service provider, like a web marketing agency.

This is the moment or never to wonder about the part of responsibility that a brand has in the success or the failure of its campaigns to influence marketing, as well on the social networks as via blogs and sites influential. A topic rarely discussed, but oh so beneficial to avoid many disappointments!


influence marketing


Virtually all of the digital marketing arsenal has been talking for months and months about the commercial boon that influencers represent.

Unbeatable ROI (between 7 and 10 € gleaned for 1 € invested!), Boosted brand image, occupation of the terrain of digital visibility, improvement of SEO …

By a virtuous circle, influencing marketing would be – and this is the case – a gold mine for brands!

As a result, many companies are moving in this direction, which they are right in principle. Unfortunately, some of them make mistakes that they would have done better to avoid …

The main gap that any web user can see when surfing the web is to rely on the influence marketing considerations straight from the display and corporate. However, a public release is not an excuse to fit a banner advertising a link. Nor is it an advertising flyer that savagely displays the virtues of a product: the advertiser must not confuse the window offered by his partner with his own blog or business site!

In the same vein, we find the abuse induced by the exclusive search for SEO and netlinking. Links avalanches, anchors optimized to the extreme, stupidly repeated key words: so many strings that still work a little, but annoy the reader and are increasingly threatened by the algorithms of Google & Cie. Website publishers are therefore right to be more likely to refuse such partnerships.

As a result, a sponsored article purchased from a really influential site will have to fall into another category by positioning itself in a decidedly high-end register. It takes more effort in the beginning, but results in an exceptional result in the end.



Above, we did not want to paint a strictly negative picture of SEO, netlinking, corporate content, etc.

But all these things must stay in their place!

Above all, it must be understood that influential marketing executed in the rules of art will give by other ways these much desired fruits, with a yield tenfold.

First, look for quality partnerships with influencers, and all these other things will be given to you as well.

The good advertiser is supposed to understand that the remarkable return on investment promised by influencing marketing is subordinated to the popularity and professionalism of the influencers on the one hand, and to its intrinsic originality on the other hand.

The brand must not land with its big hooves, an ultra-advertising text everything in hand, chaining advertisements not even worthy of a shop flyer …

The publication of such content would be clearly counterproductive in addition to to be consented to lost funds! No interest therefore in the long term, nor in the short term insofar as with the same initial investment one could have allowed the production of a real sponsored article, worthy of the name.

Thus, it is expected that the advertiser is listening to the web editor and gives it a lot of leeway, or carte blanche.

influence marketing

Moreover, the more influence an influencer has (forgiveness for redundancy!), The more he will look for partnerships of this type, where his freedom becomes the guarantee of his digital aura.

If he accepts an order, it is not to do anything. A company or marketer must always seek advice from his partner. He must also open his eyes and notice the slightest embarrassment or uncertainty in the influencer, which sometimes does not know how to tell the advertiser that it is wrong!

That said, the advertiser still has his role to play or a word to say. To mention only a minimalist example, a re-reading – if only orthographic – additional is always good to take …! 1,500% more engagement and a 500% jump in earned media value (BrAndCelebrities statistics), that’s the price it’s got!




“According to a study by Marketly (2016), the most important element sought by a brand in an influencer is its ability to engage and not the number of subscribers.”




 You will understand: to succeed in the marketing of influence, so promising, we must respect the few principles that we have stated.

If some flow from source and are common sense as to their theoretical aspect, it is sometimes difficult to put them into practice in the heat of the action …

It is obvious that advertisers have a natural tendency to want to be very – too much? – present in their webmarketing partnerships.

This is easy to understand and it is to put on the account of the desire to do well. But do not we say that “hell is paved with good intentions”?

Therefore, unless you have a great experience, it can be interesting to delegate all or part of its campaigns to influence marketing intermediaries (agencies, consultant, automated platforms…).

In these different cases, there is of course a certain additional financial cost at the start (in spite of a precious saving of time), but which is not necessarily found on arrival.

This magic trick is indeed made possible thanks to the expertise of the intermediaries, who know the field on which they live and avoid the gaps of beginners and traps inherent to the commercial world.







It is logically in this kind of delegation that the best ROI are obtained, especially as this track allows for marketing campaigns of diversified influence and follow-up, by setting up a real overall strategy, punctuated in the weather.

And that is often what makes the difference between the good and the bad hunter, between the successful announcer and the one who remains on his hunger …!

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