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How to create attractive content for your audience?

Turned by definition to others, the community manager is creating content for it’s fans having an interest in the products, services or universe of a brand.

He therefore communicates with them in a real dialogue. It will take you to be effective in your digital communication strategy to understand your audience, think and act like them.

Put aside your personal tastes and your ego potential to serve your audience.

Learn all about how to create engaging content for your audience on social networks especially onFacebook.





As you probably know, on Social networks more than elsewhere the reactions of Internet users are sometimes surprising.

These actions are generally challenging us not so much by the potentially provocative remarks they might imply, but for the great majority because we have not been able to predict them.

It is therefore the unpredictability of the reactions that pose us ‘problem’.

Thus, if it is obvious that you will have to propose content in line with the interest of your fans (think of the study of your personas), it is futile to seek to anticipate their reactions.

A classic case of this situation is to spend time creating the perfect visual, the ideal editorial content and make sure to post effective schedules. Everything should roll, but no. Despite an evocative title, hard-hitting content and a call to action nothing happens.

If this happens to you ask, breathe and above all keep in mind that you are as community manager the leader of a community and not the community itself.

Review your previous publications with a critical eye and you may find that the most effective posts are not your favorites.

And yes, this is one of the biggest challenges for the community manager: you must be able to put yourself in the shoes of your audience and sometimes leave your sensitivity and your tastes if they are not in agreement with those of the community.

And in this case, what will make the difference between two professionals will not reside so much in the technical skills, but in their capacity or not to show empathy.

So be attentive, open to your users and ask them from time to time their opinion on this or that topic.

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The pace of publication will obviously be depending on your target (B2B, B2C), your industry and other criteria. If for example you are in the press sector, it is obvious that you will have to produce and offer your community content very regularly … This is far from the case for a restaurant for example.

Your publication and distribution schedule should also be built in accordance with the type of content you have to offer.

If no major event is expected and you do not have essential / important information to communicate to your audience and keep your content for future posts.

Publish to publish is counterproductive. Keep in mind that a post is a speech and a goal. Your content will be even more valued later.

Finally, if you are wondering about the pace of publications, study your statistics. Too many publications may well tire or even drown your readers who will not take the time to react to your posts. The opposite is also true if the frequency is too low, in which case your readers may simply forget you.

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We read here and there that it would sometimes be necessary to publish in a very regular, not to say massive, way to be effective. If it can indeed be useful to publish several times the same message including Twitter where the life is very short, on Facebook this practice is to proscribe. 

And this for many reasons. On the one hand you will annoy your audience by presenting the same content, this same audience may see you as a forcer door or a spammer and unlike your publications. The result you have understood, it is a picture not terrible and the need to leave the oars for a little while behind.

What you can do, however, is to rephrase the same message by varying the background and the shape, that is, the format and the angle.

You can also just republish only the best messages. once again put yourself in the shoes of your fans. Would you enjoy reading and re-reading and re-replaying several times average content … surely not. Think of them!

Last thing, sometimes despite your efforts it seems that nothing works. Do not panic, this may not be related to the content, but at the time of its publication

Analyze your statistics carefully and give priority to the publication schedules corresponding to the niches in which your users are connected. It’s stupid, but you do not always think about it.


Creativity, empathy, flexibility and analysis, that’s how you go as a community manager to be able to create engaging content for your audience. And do not forget your audience is not you so test things and that even if some tell you rules.On the networks, you have to experiment before you advance anything with certainty. So, go ahead, get started!

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