7 simple actions to do in 20 minutes to improve the traffic of your blog

Looking to improve the traffic of your business blog? Discover some simple actions to set up to increase the number of visits to your site …


Do you have content that works really well on your site?

It naturally generates more shares or more commitments on your social networks? Great ! Take advantage of it to come in different forms, to share it elsewhere and reach a wider audience.

  • Infographics ;
  • Slideshare;
  • Video formats;
  • Etc.
  • Opportunities and specialized platforms are not lacking.

Preferably, choose a platform used by your ideal customer. This will allow you to stay relevant and not just go hunting for sterile traffic.



This technique will not increase your traffic instantly. But by collecting new mails every day, your mailing list will grow, bringing you more traffic every time you send a newsletter.

I shared an article to collect emails on your blog. It’s up to you to set up, with your favorite tools, the different capture forms.

Offer value in exchange for an email. Be moderate and relevant in the display of your forms, to have good results.



According to a study by Copyblogger, Pareto’s law (80/20) would be applicable to the number of readers reading the title and content of our articles. 80% of people read the title, and only 20% read the content! Hence the importance of working on the title of your articles.

Have fun modifying your titles and republishing articles. Share them again on your social networks, and with your mailing list (select people who did not click the first time).

Some tips to make a good title. He must be :

  • Original;
  • Precise;
  • In coherence with the content.
  • Try to play with the different emotions of your users using fear, anger, humor, curiosity, gain, provocation, etc.

If you do not know where to start, use stock models that have proven themselves.

Even if these formulas are overexploited, try to get inspired and mix them with other ideas to create more personal and original titles.



Find different LinkedIn and Facebook groups to share your posts regularly.

Again, choose your groups correctly to be sure to talk to your marketing target.

Prefer publications related to the themes of the group, and avoid spam.

Also look after your presence by responding to comments or encouraging discussions in your sharing.

Take advantage of your audience to create and grow a LinkedIn and Facebook group. As with your mailing list, they will serve as a reservoir for traffic.


If you do not do it yet, it’s time to start!

Choose your emailing software and send your articles regularly by mail to your mailing list.

Be careful not to spam your subscribers, 1 mail per day being the maximum.

From experience, I recommend you to specify, in your registration forms, the number of mails that you will send.

If you can, propose to the registration the possibility to choose a number of mails to receive per week.

One trick to getting some extra visits with your subscribers is to restart your emails.

Change the subject of your email, and send back the email to subscribers who did not open your campaign the first time.


A tip that works well is to contact the people in your articles to ask them to share your content.

You talk about a company, a partner, an influencer, a blogger? Send him an e-mail. Ask him his opinion on your article and offer him to share it with his community, if he liked. This technique works if the quality is present.

Do not settle for boat and bland content hoping for sharing.



By updating your content with questions from your users or responding to comments, you get several benefits.

First, you can return your article to your different traffic pools.

Then you make sure you have better content than your competitors, over time, and you help your article get into Google search results. Not to mention that your readers will appreciate to see that you have answered the questions and suggestions they posted in the comments of your article.



I hope this article will give you tips for improving your site’s traffic. You have questions ? Let’s discuss it together in the comments.