How to acquire free subscribers on Instagram?

Not so easy to find a place on Instagram. With 700 million monthly users in 2017, Facebook’s little brother is 9th in the global social network rankings. So, to attract subscribers, of course, you have to produce quality content. But to help you publicize your account that is struggling to gain visibility, discover some tips that can help you …


Since last December, Instagram offers its users the opportunity to subscribe to hashtags. A novelty that may allow you to attract potential followers to your account, but beware! Do not fall, like 80% of Instagram accounts, into the trap of ease. Hashtag stuffing is like stuffing keywords, it’s inefficient and it’s penalized.

Do not use more than a few hashtag per publication (go,for max five, big max and if they are really necessary) and above all, be relevant. Avoid keyword overworked or generalist, dig your head to find the one that best describe your post. The more specific you are, the more likely you are to attract “good” subscribers. Because a “good” subscriber is a subscriber who commits!


The fastest way to acquire subscribers is to organize one or more contests. Specify your requirements in the post, ask your followers to tag a friend and specify that you must be a subscriber to participate. If you really do not have any, use the “Promotion” option of Instagram. To access it, simply match your Instagram account with your professional Facebook page.

Promote your contests, with an attractive photo and clear instructions: your subscriber will tell you thank you. If Facebook has decided to ban competitions and publications seeking commitment (called Engagement Bait), Instagram is not there yet. Anticipate a turnaround by creating subtle publications. Replace “subscribe” with “subscriber contest”, prefer “this publication makes you think of a friend? To “identify a friend”.



This is one of the most effective strategies. The more you like posts on Instagram, the more your profile will be visible and likely to be liked in turn. Do you promote your clothing brand? Look for your name and double-tap the pictures of your customers, or comment on them! Next time, they may think about tagging you. Your account is for pet owners? Make yourself known by likening account posts created for a dog or cat! To win subscribers, play on the nearby. Pamper your followers and future followers, interest them and they will be interested in you.



To acquire followers is good. Keeping them is better. Because the “do not follow” button is so easy to press, make sure to keep the interest of your subscribers. Post regularly, define and maintain your graphic charter, your editorial line. Create your own content, on the same theme, in the same colors. Prefer engaging content, rely on humor and creativity. The two fundamentals of Instagram!