Facebook will promote informative media, local and well rated by users

A few days after decreeing the return of friends on the newsfeed (at the expense of pages), Facebook announces a new update of the newsfeed. Facebook will rely on user feedback to favor the media “informative, local and reliable” according to Internet users.

Reliable media will be favored by Facebook

As a first step, the social network launched a poll in the United States. Facebook asked participants to rate the trust they place in different media. The social network will rely on these data to increase or depreciate the visibility of these media on the newsfeed.

Note that Facebook did not reveal the results of this study and we do not know if the results will be regularly updated.

On the other hand, the social network specifies that if this initiative starts in the USA, the objective is to extend it to all the countries of the world.

Priority to informative content

If you think there are too many cats and babies on Facebook, this news should please you: informative content will now be preferred on the social network.

To do this, Facebook will also rely on user feedback. Regular polls have been conducted since August 2016 to estimate the informative nature of content posted on Facebook. The social network wants to extend the scope of this device to promote newsfeed information.


Local content put forward

Finally, Facebook explains that users are fond of local content – they will therefore be more prominent on the social network, including via a dedicated section on the application. Facebook is working on other tracks to show even more content that matches the places where people live.


What impact on Facebook pages?

The social network specifies that the media will be privileged according to their reliability this week in the United States. The more reliable will see their reach increase, unlike media less well estimated by users. The other indicators (information, locality) should be integrated soon in the United States, before being applied anywhere in the world.