The e-commerce trends for 2018

The year 2017 is now finished, it’s time to look forward to the year ahead. What are the trends and priority e-commerce projects in 2018?


E-commerce trends: personalization, customer experience, omnichannel control, artificial intelligence, mobility …

Before discussing the trends in e-commerce, remember that e-commerce is doing well and especially French e-commerce, which after a departure a bit chaotic, has entered the world’s top 5. Let’s take example at the french market which represent pretty well the global trend.

The figures are indeed in the green: according to the FEVAD, over the year 2016-2017, the turnover of e-commerce accounted for 72 billion euros (+ 14.6%).

Mobile accounts for 16% of purchases, nearly 83% of French Internet users buy on the Internet (36.6 million people), they carry out an average of 28 transactions per year, with an average basket of € 70 (ie € 2000 spent). per year), 200,000 merchant sites are referenced in France and BtoB e-commerce is up sharply.


Among the trends, all the experts agreed on the importance of personalization. All want to adapt as much as possible the offers and services associated with each of their customers. This is a strong trend that impacts the entire web: product selection, cross selling, emails, support … Today, e-merchants must offer an experience tailored to each profile to be able to convert and retain.

This “customer centric” approach is also put forward to give best customer service. All retailers are confronted with a complexification of purchasing paths, a sharp increase in digital at the expense of physical commerce and an increase in marketing cost. 

In addition to product customization, the services offered are also part of the enrichment of the customer experience. Get ready to chat with more and more chatbots in 2018, whether on Messenger platforms or websites.

The launch of a Messenger plugin for websites is not trivial and should interest many e-merchants. Today, it is clear that the chatbot experience is rarely optimal, many elements must be improved so that the discussion, written or oral, becomes natural. Some brands connect to the assistants (AccorHotels, L’Équipe, …), but we have not quite entered the conversational era yet.

Advances in artificial intelligence – and especially, the application by web professionals of the possibilities offered by the AI ​​to personalize and optimize the customer experience – will continue to animate the digital teams in 2018. Intelligence artificial is on everyone’s lips, like the Holy Grail. Whether in terms of productivity, personalization, relevance of information or content, the perspectives offered by the AI ​​are endless.

Certain trends highlighted in Google’s Consumer Barometer this past weekend will continue to influence the priorities of e-commerce departments. One thinks in particular of the increasing importance of the mobility.

Also, the search for new services “(logistical, technological, commercial) always more efficient for customer satisfaction and loyalty. Note that “the development of a recognized brand becomes a major issue for e-merchants who use and sometimes abuse social networks to forge a digital brand, but which increasingly appear on traditional advertising media.

And you e-commerce merchants, what are your directions for 2018?