The 50 numbers to know about social media in 2018

Each year, we publish a summary of social network statistics. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn … this article allows to visualize the forces involved and the dynamics of social networks.

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The key figures of social networks in 2018

According to the latest figures compiled by We Are Social Singapore and Hootsuite, we are 7.5 billion people on Earth. There are :

3.8 billion internet users (51%)
3.0 billion social network users (40%)
2.8 billion mobile social network users (37%)

For the first year, more than one in two inhabitants access the Internet (46% in 2016). The share of users of social networks is up sharply and stands at 40%, against 31% last year. More than 9 users of social networks out of 10 access it from a mobile (2.78 billion out of 3.03 billion).


The top 10 social networks in 2018

Last year, Facebook dominated its competitors. It is clear that the gaps are even greater today. The social network has conquered 284 million additional monthly active users. Facebook attracts more than 2 billion users a month. In comparison, Twitter welcomes a total of 330 million users per month. Instagram even passed in front of Qzone.

  • Facebook – 2.072 billion monthly active users
  • YouTube * – 1.5 billion
  • Instagram – 800 million
  • Qzone – 638 million
  • Twitter – 330 million
  • Sina Weibo – 313 million
  • Baidu Tieba * – 300 million
  • Pinterest – 200 million
  • Snapchat * – 178 million
  • LinkedIn – 115 million

* We have integrated YouTube to social networks because of social features implemented this year. Baidu Tieba’s statistics may be out of date, they have not been updated this year. Snapchat reports 178 million users a day. For LinkedIn, this is an estimate based on the last known number of registrants and the share of assets previously disclosed.


The top 5 messaging apps in 2018

We have deliberately separated email applications from social networks. We are once again witnessing the hegemony of the Facebook ecosystem.

Facebook Messenger – 1.3 billion
WhatsApp – 1.3 billion
WeChat – 938 million
QQ – 861 million
Skype * – 300 million
* Skype numbers have not been updated this year.


 Social Networks in Details:

Social networks in detail: Facebook

Monthly AU: 2.072 billion (active users per month)
Daily AU: 1.368 billion (active users per day)
MAU in Europe: 364 million
DAU in Europe: 274 million
Messenger: 1.3 billion MAU
Annual turnover (Q3-2016-2017): $ 36.49 billion
Annual profit (Q3-2016-2017): $ 15.23 billion

Social networks in detail: Instagram

MAU: 800 million
DAU: 500 million
Instagram Stories: 300 Million People Every Day
Number of advertisers: 2 million (6 million on Facebook)


Social networks in detail: Snapchat
DAU: 178 million
DAU in Europe: 57 million
DAU in France: 8 million, 75% of users are adults
Coverage: 70% of 13-34 year olds in USA, France, UK, Australia
Frequency: DAU accesses Snapchat 25 times a day and sends 20 snaps
Time spent: a user spends 30 minutes a day on Snapchat


Social networks in detail: Twitter
MAU: 300 million
H / F distribution in France: 50/50
Age of users in France: 49% are between 25 and 49 years old
CSP in France: 34% are CSP + (vs. 29% of Internet users)


Social Networks in Detail: LinkedIn
Members (registered): 500 million
MAU (users): 23% of registered, or about 115 million
Members in France: 14 million
MAU in France: 3.2 million (if the proportion is similar)


Social networks in detail: YouTube
MAU: 1.5 billion
MAU in France: 37 million after Médiamétrie
Frequency: 80% of French people aged 16-24 go there every day
Mobile: users spend more than an hour a day on mobile
Age: 80% of users are over 25
Consumption: 1 billion hours of video are viewed each day