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5 innovative solutions to (re) boost your organic reach on Facebook

With the new update of the Facebook algorithm, many are wondering if it is still worth it to have a Facebook Page. After all, the average organic reach of a Facebook Page is well below 5%. This drop in organic reach is not new at all when you think about it. In fact, it has been going on for years …

Since 2012 (6 years ago already), the organic reach of Pages is in free fall. See for yourself:

innovative solutions

Facebook has inspired you to create an Enterprise Page and grow it over time with the goal of “creating a committed community.”

But these last months, Facebook decided to prioritize (even more) the publications of the profiles to the detriment of those of Pages.

It’s obvious, Facebook “requires” brands to pay to be visible.

If you have a Facebook Page for several years, you must have it bad.

Fortunately, there are (still) strategies for achieving good organic reach (well over 10%).

These strategies are not yet all well known.

Some require effort and others require getting out of your comfort zone, but I can assure you that they make the difference in the medium and long term.


There was a time when you could share a blog post (link in Facebook) and get dozens of free clicks.

Now it does not really work anymore. You have to sponsor this kind of posts to get the correct number of clicks.

On the other hand, I found that what is currently working is to take the key points of a blog post and make it an animated video:

  • Teaser of the article;
  • Video a little longer with details.

The teaser consists of repeating the different parts of your article and making it an animated video with images or video clips.

The goal is to encourage the person to click on the link in the description (or in comment – for you to see).

You can then post a link to your blog post in the comments or description.

This is a more interesting way of doing than simply posting the link for your article.

In addition, just watching the video teaches your fans something. In any case, they are winners!

The other way is to resume the content of the article in condensed form and present it in a video composed mainly of text, as does Buffer.

innovative solutions

The video will be longer and this time you will not even need to link to the article.

To create this type of video, I recommend 2 software that I tested and approved:

Both are interesting.

I recommend you a little more Animoto because it is also useful for creating promotional videos for social ads.

Some tips if you decide to create this type of videos:

Make short videos (max 60 seconds)
Attract attention from the first 3 seconds
Go straight to the message and turn your video as a little story (when you can)
Favor the square format. The square format takes up 78% more room in the mobile news feed than desktop. So you have all the attention of the person.

innovative solutions 


Since 2015, Facebook has offered companies the opportunity to target their organic publications.

This allows you to narrow your audience and target the right people, even for an organic publication.

Facebook has promised a better reach to companies that use this feature, so much to test it.

Initially, the feature was only available for Pages with over 5000 fans, but since then has changed.

You can activate it by going to the settings of your Page.

Here’s how.

First, go to your Page settings and look for the “News Feed and Publications Visibility” option.

innovative solutions

Click “edit” and simply activate the feature by checking the box.

Then you just have to target your next publications.

If you’re not convinced, think back to the Facebook ad that gives you ultra-precise targeting. Only you have to pay to take advantage of this targeting.

Here it’s free.

Plus, think a little about your fans. They are not all identical like robots!

They do not all have the same interests.

I give you an example.

You market clothing for men and women.

It is logical that you are not going to address men to women in the same way.

If you post a Facebook post that only applies to men, you make sure that only men will actually see this post in their news feed.

You increase your exchange rate to obtain a maximum of organic commitment since the relevance of this publication will be higher (you only target men).

The segmentation options that Facebook offers you are quite interesting:

Age ;
Region ;
Relationship Status ;
Language ;
Level of education ;


Many companies and media seem to be successful with the live Facebook.

According to some sources, Live videos are watched 3x longer than pre-recorded videos.

The lives generate 10x more comments than the pre-recorded videos.

In addition, Mark Zuckerberg warned us a month ago by announcing the update of the algorithm:

These are the publications that generate long and thoughtful comments that will be given an organic boost.

Creating a Live show is therefore a solution to take into account to make the commitment of your Page to a completely different level.

You know it as well as me, the digital, it changes all the time, every week!

innovative solutions



With the new update of the Facebook algorithm announced in late January, the big names in the industry (Hubspot, Hootsuite, etc.) have suggested an interesting strategy to ensure that they remain visible.

Ask fans of a Page to select the “see first” option in the news feed.

You may not know it, but Facebook allows you to select the Pages for which you want to see their new content first in your news feed.

I heard that we could do this only for 5 pages only, but I could not do the verification.

In a few clicks, it’s done.

innovative solutions

Boost this same publication once a week to the fans of your Page.

Always give your fans a good reason to activate this option, this could be to stay informed about:

Your news
Your weekly advice
Your promotions


My last advice is to boost your best publications.

Facebook is slowly becoming a paying platform for businesses.

We will not lie to each other.

The strategies that I presented to you first are interesting to take advantage of the “organic Facebook”, but currently there is nothing better than the publications booster.

The first reason that pushes me to say it loud and clear is simply that Facebook puts more forward Pages who spend money on advertising!

Yes, you read correctly.

Boosting your publications shows Facebook your seriousness as a business and you will be rewarded with a better organic reach.

This is not the only reason that drives me to advise you to boost your publications.

By boosting your best publications, you’ll get even more interaction on your existing publications.

Good news, the Facebook algorithm is still watching the previous interactions with your fans to show your next posts in their news feed.

Now, you may be wondering how to boost a publication AND which targeting to choose?

To boost a publication, it’s quite simple.

Click on the “boost publication” button just below a publication.

innovative solutions

Let’s go to targeting. Be very careful about this because your targeting has a direct influence on the cost of your Facebook ads.

Privilege a “warmed” audience to have a lower cost per commitment on the publication, I recommend these 2 hearings:

Fans of your Page: to engage them even more!
People who have interacted with your Page, but have not yet become fans of your Page. If they have interacted once, chances are they will interact a second time.To create the second audience, go to the ad manager and choose the “create an audience” option and then tap “custom audience”.

Some tips if you decide to boost your publications:

1) Boost only the best publications. By that I mean you are not going to pay for a publication that has had no organic success. She will not have much more even if you pay!

2) Invite people who have interacted with your boosted publication. To do this, click on the link below the post to view profiles of people who liked your post.



There are more than 1.4 billion active daily users on Facebook. Every minute, thousands of contents are published.

It is normal that Facebook seeks to show interesting and relevant publications for its users.

So yes, it’s true:

Your friends have priority over brands;
Facebook limits the scope of publications that contain links;
Facebook wants you to publish more videos, and even more Lives;
Facebook “forces” you to pay to reach your precious fans.
These are just the rules of the game.

Accept them if you still want to stay in the race.

Post more videos by turning your blog posts into mini video clips, or start your own live show to keep up with the trend.

Fine-tune the audience of publications that will not be relevant to a portion of your page’s fans.

Feel free to invest a few euros to boost the best publications of your Page.