10 figures on Facebook ads that will make you think

Facebook is the king of social networks.


Right, with over 2 billions user Facebook is the largest social network.

Yes, having a Facebook page is good. Having fans, likes, comments and clicks on your website is another story.
Now Facebook has become a highly competitive marketing platform with no less than 56 million Facebook pages all over the world. And it’s not ready to stop according to Facebook!
To get out in this jungle, Facebook advertising is paramount. I like to say that a small budget of 5 € per day is more than enough to give this little boost necessary to the growth of your page.

Precisely, today more and more companies are launching Facebook advertising to accelerate their growth and tackle the weakness of the Facebook reach, which makes Facebook even more competitive and the cost of ads higher.

If you hesitate to invest your first euros in Facebook advertising, this small article will help you to see more clearly on:
-Facebook advertising revenue growth
-The costs of a Facebook advertisement

1) More and more companies boost their publications

According to SocialBakers, the brands have increased their publications promotion by 80% from 2013 to 2015. This is an American study so tell yourself that this increase coincides with today’s dates in France.
As a reminder, boosting a publication on Facebook amounts to taking a publication on your Facebook page and putting some money in it to reach a larger audience.
To do this, you just have to take a publication on your page and press the button “Boost a publication”


2) More than 5 million companies use Facebook ads

By March 2016, there were only 3 million companies worldwide that used Facebook Ads to reach their target audience.
In April 2017, the number of advertisers on Facebook nearly doubled to reach the 5 million, worthy of impressive growth.

3) 93% of marketers on social networks use Facebook advertising

Warning, I said marketers. Not all companies use Facebook advertising yet.
Of the 56 million Facebook pages, it is estimated that there are only 5 million Facebook users as previously said.

4) Facebook’s advertising revenue continues to grow


According to CNBC, in the first quarter of 2017, Facebook gained 7.86 billion dollars in advertising revenue, up 51% from last year. This is to say about the importance that Facebook advertising takes for marketers.

What made this rise possible?
A bigger advertising charge (number of ads in the news feed of Facebook users)
Regular growth in the number of users (there are now 2 billion active monthly users on Facebook).
An increase in time spent on Facebook

5) 84% of Facebook’s advertising revenue comes from advertisements on Mobile

In the last quarter of 2016, Facebook announced that mobile advertising accounts for 84% of its advertising revenue, which is huge!
We spend more and more time on the smartphone application. Facebook does everything to make it is more ergonomic.
Mobile ads work particularly well and are particularly effective for brand awareness. So you definitely need to make your campaigns mobile ready!


6) The average cost-per-click (CPC) of a Facebook ad is $ 0.35

In comparison, the average CPC among all industries for Google Adwords is $ 2.32 for the “Search Network”, which is 7 times higher.

7) The ads on the Desktop newsfeed and the right column have the highest CPC

On Facebook, you can choose to distribute your ads according to different placements: news feed on desktop, mobile news feed, right column, audience network (sites and Facebook partner apps) and Instagram.
Depending on the investments, the CPC varies:
Newsfeed on desktop: $ 0.32
Mobile news feed: $ 0.19
Right column: $ 0.32
Audience network: $ 0.06
Bonus : Instagram: $ 0.60 
is that for all that you have to abandon the ads on desktop newsfeef or on the right column?
Not really … Costs vary depending on your advertising goal and also according to your industry. Try it!
Test all investments and then analyze which placement (s) works best and eliminate those that work worse.
Do not hesitate to test the right column for everything related to retargeting.


8) The average cost for a like for a “I Love” campaign is $ 0.26

If you would like to have more fans and pay for qualified “Like” entries, this stat should please you!
Obviously, it is possible to go down much lower if your advertising is attractive enough. This figure is even lower in the mobile news feed. On mobile, the cost per like goes down to $ 0.10 while on a computer, the cost is $ 0.23 per like.
It is therefore on mobile that it is most recommended to launch this kind of campaign.

9) It’s at night that Facebook ads cost the least

Astonishing, it is the evening that advertisements cost the least on Facebook.
AdEspresso shows that the average CPC between 16H and 20H goes down to $ 0.23.


10) According to AdEspresso, the call to action that works best is “Download Now”

Facebook gives you an opportunity to add a call to action at the bottom right of your paid publications, you have the choice between several CTAs according to your objective:

Learn More
Download now
Install now

AdEspresso conducted an experiment with an advertisement whose objective was to download a free ebook. They then tested 3 CTAs:
Learn More
Download now

The one that has the lowest cost per lead is the last one!
Beware of this kind of stat ‘. What works for one advertisement does not always work for the other. If you are in doubt between two CTAs, test the 2!




As you have read, these statistics give you an overview:
From the increasing trend of using Facebook ads
Average costs for Facebook advertising. Always useful to have a first benchmark.
Take a step back from these figures, especially with respect to cost benchmarks. Many factors come into play in determining the cost of advertising such as audience, industry, competition between advertisers at a given time, and so on.

Ready to try your first campaign?


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